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18.08.2009: Near the railway station
28.02.2005: In Krasin street
31.07.2018: On Haharina street

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  8287   23.08.2017 06:01:27  
 Gerald Green  <@> Nice France  
I just meet a lady from your city and my heart telling me I likely ask her to marry me in the future and raise a family. I wanted ask for your advice to the best romantic places or ideas I should consider; whether to take my lady to diner or the best view to create the best romantic setting. Also I wanted to say your city has so much water does everyone live at the river shore in the summer? I herein set my intentions in writing to the to the proverbial ocean of data the internet and the a modern day message in the bottle this site is to me. Have a happy Independence Day weekend coming up people of Kremenchuk! If you know who Murchic is let me know I like advise planing something exciting in secret.

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